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Toronto Speaker Presentations

Norman Rankin, MECP
Communicating Effectively with the MECP
Norman Rankin Bio Abstract

Jacquelyn Stevens , Willms & Shier Environmental
Court Upholds MECP’s EPA No-fault Order re: Soil Vapor, Groundwater and Surface Water
Jacquelyn Stevens BioAbstract

Carl Spensieri, Berkley Canada
Managing Consultant & Contractor Environmental Risk
Carl Spensieri BioAbstract

Bithun Sarkar, Jacobs
Where is the NAPL?
Bithun Sarkar BioAbstract

Jim Depa, St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates
How Do 3D Conceptual Site Models Reduce The Costs of Environmental Remediation?
Jim Depa BioAbstract

Mohamedarif M. Jagani, AiMS Environmental
Vapour Intrusion: Diffusion - the Often Overlooked Pathway
Mohamedarif M. Jagani BioAbstract

Sandra Dworatzek, SiREM
Advances in Anaerobic Bioremediation of Benzene
Sandra Dworatzek BioAbstract

Brant Smith , PeroxyChem
Biogeochemical Treatment of CVOCs
Brant Smith BioAbstract

Taras (Terry) Obal, Maxxam
PFAS Replacement Compounds: “The Next Generation”
Taras (Terry) Obal BioAbstract

Daniel Bouchard, Sanexen
What Additional Value Can Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) Bring to the Assessment of Organic Contaminants in Groundwater?
Daniel Bouchard BioAbstract


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