SMART Remediation Presentations for Ottawa

Grant Carey M.Eng., P.Eng., Porewater Solutions
Influence of Back-Diffusion on Remediation Success

Grant Carey M.Eng., P.Eng. Bio

Mark Seaman P. Eng., Quantum Murray LP
Remediation Case Study: Use of the Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process™ for the remediation of a TCE plume at a former manufacturing facility in Peterborough, ON

Mark Seaman P. Eng. Bio

Rick McGregor M.Sc., MBA, CGWP, P.Geo., Vertex Environmental Inc.
The Use of Laser-Induced Fluorescence for Detailed Source Zone Characterization

Rick McGregor M.Sc., MBA, CGWP, P.Geo. Bio

Bruce Tunnicliffe M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Vertex Environmental Inc.
Soil Variability Implications for ISCO Remediation

Bruce Tunnicliffe M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Bio

Jan Dean, Strata Soil Sampling
Introduction to the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) in Ontario

Jan Dean Bio

The 2nd event was held at the Hampton Inn Conference Center on Friday April 15th, 2011.